Beethoven's 5th: Do we still hear his Message Today?

Beethoven’s 5th: Do we still hear his Message Today?

Beethoven’s fifth symphony is probably the world’s most well-known classical music piece. But are we indeed familiar with the original version? Do we still play his famous symphony today in correlation with the notation Beethoven used? Let’s see if we can reconstruct the master’s intentions here. You may be surprised of the outcome!

schumann godowsky

Schumann’s “incomprehensible lack” of tempo judgment

Famous pianist Godowski wrote in his 1915 edition of Schumann’s Kinderscenen that Schumann had “an incomprehensible lack of judgment in deciding the speed of every number”. In other words: a great composer, but a musical ignorant…? We may not say or write these kind of things anymore but… we still act in our performances accordingly, not paying attention to Schumann’s carefully given metronome numbers.
Let’s dive into this fascinating subject together and, really first time here on the channel, I’ll demonstrate some pieces on my 1866 Erard piano.

Jan Sanders van Hemessen girl playing the clavichord Girl playing Harpsichord

A Tale of Two Pictures

Being tremendously active in the comment section of my YouTube channel, adding lots and lots of information, Steven Foss said yes to my question why not bundle his energy for some blog posts on the website. And so you’ll find more or less weekly interesting stories, as this one talking on Jan Sanders van Hemessen (1500-1563) who painted “Young Woman at Clavichord” circa 1530 in Antwerp. Enjoy!

Otto Klemperer: Closer to Bach Than We Think?

Otto Klemperer: Closer to Bach Than We Think?

Otto Klemperer, one of the greatest conductors of all time, but a name we never connect to an ‘authentic’ performance, certainly not of Bach, where a name as Ton Koopman does ring a bell. But is Klemperer really off track in all aspects? Let’s skip a b/w discussion here and see what happens if we compare the last choir of Bach’s Matthaus Passion with a version of Ton Koopman.