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Welcome to Authentic Sound, an innovative and open platform of musical experimentation. We believe many of the essential aspects of performance practice of music from Bach to Beethoven and beyond have yet to be discovered. 

Initially founded in 2014 by Wim Winters as a YouTube channel to showcase the authentic, but relatively seldom heard “voice” of the 18th century unfretted clavichord, the channel developed rapidly into a platform presenting thought-provoking performances of music from Bach to Beethoven and even Chopin. Particular focus today is placed on the reconstruction of original tempi, perhaps the most important, but still missing link in understanding the original thoughts of the composer.

In 2018, Authentic Sound officially evolved to a recording label whose prime goal is to deliver high quality audio recordings that not only illustrate the outcome of our research, but also try to reveal long-hidden but often surprisingly powerful musical emotions in seemingly familiar musical works. While currently focusing on the work of Wim Winters, the label will soon expand to a broader group of dedicated musicians who share similar passion.

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