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We record analog. And we LOVE it! Here's why.

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

All the recordings we make are captured by one of the greatest recording devices ever made: A Studer A80r. The machine was built in 1981 by the famous Swiss company and brought back to factory specifications per our request in 2016 by Andreas Kuhn of Studer Analog Audio Switzerland. The original readings of 1981 were taken as a guidance. The original Studer measurement equipment was used to align the machine. All capacitors were replaced, the machine received two brand new original Studer heads and is ready to serve us for the coming decades.

Why an analog recording in a digital era? Yes, on paper, digital surpasses any analog medium on every field. Dynamic range, distortion, signal/noise ratio...but there seems to be something more with analog. When compared to a high end A/D convertor, the tape sounds so much more open and relaxed, in a way that surprised even the most skeptical listener we blind-tested. Does it color the sound? Probably, for the better I’d say, but even a one centimeter change in mic position will also change the sound, more than a change of medium will. Does a tape produce more noise? Probably, although this Studer with modern tape is almost dead silent. But most surprisingly, digital conversion leaves a good part of that initial analog “feel”. Of course, you will experience the relaxed feel better when listening to a tape or a vinyl disc, but even an Analog-to-Digital CD will give you something back that engineers might have taken away from us for too long of a time. like driving a Rolls Royce with no limitations in power. And there’s nothing more relaxing than recording in Analog. Just press two buttons and you’re good to go.

Play + Rec, and the rest is up to you.

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