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Your Selection, The Book

Your Selection, The Book

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About this book.

At some point, rather early, I started to write some text in what YouTube calls the ‘description box’. It is the perfect spot to give a brief summary of the video, and in the case of my channel, it makes sense to give some background information on the composition that I played.


Soon however, I started to improvise a bit with texts that reflected some more personal aspects of the performance (my view), or gave just a reflection of what crossed my mind in that moment of writing. People responded to those texts in a way that there was no escaping from which led to doing it with every music recording. Soon I started to write some kind of fiction with silly phone calls by Mozart or weird visits from Clementi. I enjoy writing almost as much as I do playing music, and so, many of those moments of writing are amongst the best memories I have on the channel.


And so... almost 100 blog texts, some of them almost 2 pages...just leave them out?

And moreover: there would be no other way to present you with an index of all 100 music recordings as well as over seventy relevant spoken videos! So, one of the key aspects of this book is to present you with a searchable index of the videos I have created. As many thanks as we have for the digital revolution, making a hard copy available was high on my priority list. An e-book is great, but a real book is the minimum: more relaxing to read (I think).


As for the use of the English language: the introduction is corrected by David Rodgers, American piano builder and restorer. The blogs remained unchanged from their appearances on YouTube, some spelling corrections aside. So, all of them are written in the hyper-modern Euro speak English that came directly off my pen. I hope you don’t mind. It is an aspect that is intertwined with this channel. Perhaps, someday, "Google” will provide the world with a modern version of the Star Trek "Universal Translator", with perfect, real-time translations in any language. Imagine that: wearing an advanced version of the Google glass, that transmits and translates in the most fluent and correct way what one person is saying to another. THAT would make the world small at once! And Star Trek old fashioned :-) .

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