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Mozart's Early Ornamentation System

A readable and extensive summary of chapters 9,10,11 of Leopold Mozart's  "Treatise on the Fundamental Principles of Violin Playing" (1756-1787).

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About this e-book

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In 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus' father, Leopold Mozart, wrote an extensive book on the art of violin playing. His work reached international fame, with several editions and translations. No doubt the later fame of son Amadeus added to the value of the book, but the depth of Leopold's work is to be compared to other books, like that of C.P.E.Bach on Keyboard, or Quantz on flute traverse. All written in the same period.

As interesting these books are to read, they do not meet our current standard of indexation or flexibility in reading. The content is organised, but written out in a conversational way, jumping back and forth, and often you'll find yourself searching long time for a specific 'problem' that you want information about.

Since the influence of father Leopold on his son must have be at least existent, I would say almost certainly at the beginning of his career, his system of ornamentation is a must-read for all who dive into the music of the W.A.Mozart.

I started this summary basically as a guide for myself. But as the work grew, the idea came to do my best a little bit harder, and share this with you.

The work certainly does not claim completeness nor shall you hear me say it is correct in all aspects. I did whatever I could to present you with a decent summary, but will be constantly monitoring and updating it.

For that, you will get, with this e-book, a lifelong free update of all changes that are made in future editions. And if you see elements or aspects that could or should be changed, I will be most grateful to you for reaching out to me. Any changes that reach this summary by readers, will of course be mentioned in future editions.

Hope this work can serve many well.

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