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J.S.Bach, Well-Tempered Clavier I

Wim Winters, Clavichord

Instrument: Clavichord n°35 - Joris Potvlieghe

Album design: Laurent Simon

Consultant Microphone positioning: Joris Potvlieghe

Recorded analog with Studer A80r Reel-to-reel

CD - 3 discs

Digital download


On this recording

Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier is a cornerstone of keyboard literature. I am excited to present it in a new light with our upcoming release on clavichord. This Kickstarter campaign will support the CD production of part I of this legendary bundle of preludes & fugues (Part II being scheduled for 2024). Your support will not only bring this recording to you but also bring this release to a wider audience.

In this recording I'm playing on my Saxon clavichord built by Joris Potvlieghe (B). Potvlieghe's clavichords are known for their powerful sound, singing trebles, long tone and quite astonishing dynamic range. The expressive tools the instrument delivers seem to transform the well-known music into something new, fresh and musically intriguing. The clavichord adds a level of expression and transparency that few other keyboards can do. 

The recording of these pieces took place in 2022, in the year where the WTC I celebrated its 300 year anniversary. The sound was captured with two Neumann TML170r microphones. Their signal was amplified by a Presonus ADL 600 Class A dual mono tube amplifier, feeding a completely refurbished legendary 1981 Studer A80r Reel to Reel Tape Recorder.

The CD box contains 3 CDs. The order has been reversed out of personal preference of the player. Listening to a sequence of pieces in semitone steps increments is something we got used to for the WTCs but actually remains a bit difficult for our ears. Changing the order to a logical key relationship not only avoids this, but adds a beautiful new sequens to the bundle (that was never intended to be played entirely in this - or any order- anyways. 

Fairly unique in the Kickstarters done by our young label Authentic Sound, is the possibility to get your name printed on the CD (and LP) cover, forever connecting your name and support to the release of this recording. On top of that I will make available my personal score in printed format to the € 100 tier level. This way, you can listen to the music while reading my personal score, which are heavily annotated with fingerings and other remarks made through the years. This will be made uniquely for this Kickstarter and not available anywhere else later.

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