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Wim’s YouTube Recordings in Alphabetical order.

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The date must have been December 11th 2013.

Imagine a late winter night, dark and cold outside, the wind blowing through naked trees, their silhouettes drawn black in the bright moonlight. One man still up, sitting cosily warm inside, all lights switched off except one candle light that lights the score on his clavichord. The moment we enter the room, he just released the last note of a Bach fugue that enhanced the silence as only a clavichord can do. You would see that man’s back sag a bit, and if you would be able to read his mind, it would tell you thousands of feelings related to that one moment, whispering thoughts that would fly in the electrified air of the room. One of those thoughts would be the wish to share this moment of beauty with others, not so surprisingly for an artist, because isn’t that what they essentially do: sharing beauty?

That was the moment on which the Authentic Sound YouTube channel was born.