New Music in Early Style

Compositions by Kostas Papazafeiropoulos (°1983)

Almost out of the blue came that question, almost 4 years back, from Kostas, if I would not be interested in playing some of his music. Now, several productions later and dozens of questions when and where his music will be available, this page finally is a fact.

Buying his music will not only give you a lot of joy, but give our Greek friend a direct financial input to continue what he is best at: composing!

Works for Klavier – Piano

Opus 104

Variations on W.A. Mozart, Der Vogelfänger / The Bird Catcher

PDF 10 p.

Opus 112

Rondo in A Minor

PDF 8 p.

Opus 113

Sonata in C Minor –
4 movements

PDF 30 p.

Opus 116

Sonata in G Major –
3 movements

PDF20 p.

Opus 118

Sonata in F Major –
3 movements

PDF20 p.

Opus 119

Three dances-
in Mozart style

PDF 5 p.

Opus 132

6 dances for pianoforte-
in Mozart style

PDF 5 p.

Opus 125

Sonata in A Major-
3 Movements

PDF 20 p.

Opus 131

Sonata in E Minor-
3 Movements

PDF 24 p.

Opus 138

Mozart /Haffner Variations-

PDF 10 p.

Opus 134

Variations on Silent Night-

PDF 10 p.

Works for orchestra / combinations

Opus 103

Symhony in Eb Major-
Orchestral score

PDF 59 p.

Opus 111

Sonata for violin and piano-
3 movements

PDF 31 p.