Jacques van Oortmerssen & Wim Winters LIVE 2014, organ/clavichord


This is a re-upload from a concert that Jacques van Oortmerssen and myself played, almost 4 years ago, in a beautiful little village in The Netherlands (‘t Woud). This re-upload has a reason which I’ll explain.
The decision to record the concert was taken at the very last minute. Nobody could foresee that Jacques one year later so suddenly would pass away…
My YouTube channel at the time had only a few hundreds subscribers, and lack of experience in video editing made that initial upload suffering from a certain amount of issues that are now dealt with.

But there is the wish as well to bring this concert in front of my subscribers of today, who, I know, many of which were initiated to Jacques only with the recent upload his’ 1981 Kampen disc (https://youtu.be/TSG8dInTAxI).

I treasure this recording more then any other. Not because my playing is very good. In fact it isn’t. My opening was with Bach’s duet in E minor, which is really a win-or-lose piece. I was nervous like hell, technically it went ok though -listen what happens on the moment when someone drops something, and you’ll be aware of how small the margins were I was playing with). The really extreme temperature that day (still 36°C/96.8°F in the church at evening!) didn’t help either.
Also, you’ll hear the Beethoven Pathetique as how I played it in a previous life, but anyway, the first movement too fast, which can work after all, and this version is ok, but not great.

But you’ll hear Jacques’ playing as it was in his last year, short to a certain perfection that I’m still working on every day to ever come close. If that is possible. His LIVE CD of one of the last major concerts he gave in the Bavo church at Haarlem is another astonishing example of what he was capable of doing.

Listen here for instance to his transcription of the Mozart F minor fantasy (track list below): the runs in thirds, you will not notice, is often divided between his left hand and … pedal. I remember asking him during the break why on earth he’s making his life so difficult. But, typically, he would smile, and that smile said it all: it was a constant challenge that he enjoyed so much…the challenge with his inner self, his body even.

I’ll miss him still every day, as a teacher, mentor, but mostly as a true friend. So partly this upload is a bit… for me as well. I’m sure you’ll forgive me for that…

Enjoy the concert…it’ll never come back again…

C.P.E.Bach (1714 – 1788)
0:00 Sonata per il Organo solo in F major Wq.70 No.3 (organ)

J.S. Bach (1685 – 1750)
13:18 Duetto e moll BWV 802 (clavichord)
16:13 Duetto F dur BWV 803 (organ)
19:48 Duetto G dur BWV 804 (clavichord)
22:34 Duetto a moll BWV 805 (organ)

W.A. Mozart (1756 – 1791)
25:46 Zwölf Variationen in C über das französische Lied „Ah, vous dirai-je Maman“ KV 265 (clavichord)

W.A. Mozart (1756 – 1791)
36:46 Adagio und Allegro in f KV594 (transcr. J.v.Oortmerssen)
Ein stuck fur ein Orgelwerk in einer Uhr (organ)


L.van Beethoven (1770 – 1827)
46:16 Adagio Assai (transcr. J.v.Oortmerssen) (organ)

L.van Beethoven (1770 – 1827)
52:34 Sonate opus 13 in C Minor (pathétique) (clavichord)

W.A. Mozart (1756 – 1791)
1:13:46 Serenade “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” KV 525
Allegro (four hands -quatre-mains: organ)

Bonus piece:

W.A. Mozart (1756 – 1791)
1:22:08 Serenade “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” KV 525
Menuet(four hands -quatre-mains: clavichord)