Some info on my instruments!

My clavichord is built in 2009 by the Belgian builder Joris Potvlieghe,  made according to building principles applied in Saxony around 1745-1770. This type of clavichord, with a compass of 5 octaves (FF-f3), is similar to what composers like J.S. Bach must have had, though the necessary compass for Bach’s larger works like the Partitas is somewhat smaller (GG-d3). From a certain point in history (Haydn–Mozart–Beethoven up to his Waldstein sonata), a keyboard range of 5 octaves was, as a general rule, not exceeded. So, this instrument goes very well stylistically with music from Bach to young Beethoven.
There is a prevalent idea that clavichords are problematic for concerts because of their limited sound output. But for me and my instrument, I’ve played for crowds of up to 250 people without any complaints regarding the lack of sound because how well the Potvlieghe projects. I’m convinced that, in the coming years, this “sensitive lady” will be heard much more!

I have a fortepiano currently being built for me by Joris Potvlieghe. We are lucky to have the original piano, a 1816 Johann Fritz (Vienna) in poor but unaltered condition, so Joris can make a very close copy of the original. This will be an ideal instrument for the music of for music of Beethoven, Schubert, late Mozart, Czerny, early Chopin etc.
More pictures soon when the piano is finished in June!