Otto Klemperer: Closer to Bach Than We Think?

Otto Klemperer: Closer to Bach Than We Think?

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Otto Klemperer, one of the greatest conductors of all time, but a name we never connect to an ‘authentic’ performance, certainly not of Bach, where a name as Ton Koopman does ring a bell. But is Klemperer really off track in all aspects? Let’s skip a b/w discussion here and see what happens if we compare the last choir of Bach’s Matthaus Passion with a version of Ton Koopman.

Why this 1959 (!) Bach Recording has a strong Emotional Impact


Thomaskantor Kurt Thomas recorded in 1959 – 60 years ago- Bach’s Christmas Oratorio BWV 248. Many of your expressed an explicit emotional reaction while listening to that recording, as happened to me.
Time to stand still for a moment. Why is that? What are the mechanisms behind it? And, let’s look in the mirror : are we focused always on the right elements in the so called historical informed performance practice?